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    Enjoy your time in the pleasant atmosphere of redwood
    feel the ultimate lounge style seat up all your friends
    have an incredible experience
    About us
    Redwood Redwood is a place where the atmosphere can be tasted and the heart and emotions come in sync to create a perfect mood.
    Redwood is a bar with an astonishing view in the heart of Volgograd where meticulous design, exquisite taste and high-end service coexist in harmony. It’s a place where one is honest with each other and especially with himself, is a place where you’ll undoubtedly find a range of selected food and beverages.
    Redwood becomes the center of attraction for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and style.

    Retreat into the lounge atmosphere

    600 flavors
    A full range of the most popular tobacco brands.
    Pre-order by phone
    Want to get everything at once? Make a pre-order of any menu item by a phone call.
    Games and entertainment
    A great selection of board games that cater to anyone. Sony PlayStation 4 PRO and games for every taste.
    Professional equipment
    A perfect hookah selection.
    Cashback 10%
    Use our app to get a 10% cashback, as well as other cool features and gifts.
    Watch all the largest sport events on a panoramic screen.

    Customer Reviews

    Recently I went with a friend and everything was perfect, the service was bomb. We were met by the manager, the food way awesome and the hookah was marvelous. The only issue was the search for the entrance but as soon as we called we got a very detailed explanation how to get there. I think this is one of the best places in Moscow City and in Moscow in general.

    A nice cozy place with a beautiful view of Moscow City during the night time, a really cool bar and the bartenders are super. They can make tasty cocktails. The waiters are friendly and I was also pleased by an extensive wine list.

    I was surprised! And surprised is an understatement. The atmosphere is 5+, the view is 5+, the app is 5+, the coziness is 5+, a separate wine app, which I have never seen before, is 5+, the best hookahs, 5+++. The personnel was very polite, the food was tasty yet the menu isn’t very extensive despite it not being a restaurant. All and all, I was very satisfied and I recommend you visit this place!!

    A nice place! Amazing service! The waiters and managers are friendly and supportful. It is very nice to realize that everyone cares whether you liked it or not. I really like the interior and ambiance. Delicious food, teas, high quality hookah which was checked all the time.

    Visited this place the other day. “Good quality” is an understatement. The atmosphere indulges you fully. I didn’t want to leave at all) I was surprised by the “know-how”. My girlfriend and I wanted to have some wine. Asked for the wine list and rather than a piece of cardboard they brought a tablet. I have never seen an electronic wine list in Moscow! I would like to separately mention the cuisine at this place. It was just awesome, and you can see what the cooks get their salary for. All and all, I would rate this place a 9 out of 10.

    Finally we got to visit the new hookah lounge Redwood in Moscow City. The hookahs were smoky and delicious. Burgers were juicy and large. The tea was amazing, magical :) We liked the bonus program feature through a branded mobile app. And I have no words to describe the interior. I recommend you visit this place.


    Volgograd, Embankment 62 Army, 6
    (entrance from the Volga)

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